My Whole Disneyland Experience

On my last post about this, I have shared to you guys the 5 things that you should not miss in Hong Kong Disneyland. Yet it took me a while to write and share my whole Disney experience as what I have promised before ending that post. I actually am super excited about this just so you know. So, here it is guys! I hope you get to enjoy this short story as much as I did. Scroll up!


Minnie Me

Whenever we think of the word “Hong Kong”, the absolute thing that would pop out in everyone’s mind would be Disneyland. Well, who wouldn’t? I mean, it is part of everyone’s childhood. Back on my short Christmas vacation there last year, I did not have any idea as to when I would be able to feel its magic. Yet I know for sure that it was a part of our itinerary. So when my mom finally gave the green light, I had the opposite reaction from what is expected. Mixed emotions I must say but my unpreparedness went on top of it. I went like “What? Not now! I ain’t prepared! Can’t we just go the day after tomorrow?” To tell you guys, preparation for me that day includes my stamina for the rest of the tour, the outfit and my eye bags, of course. But yes, they won the whole argument and off we went to the ever dreamy Disneyland!


The map of our dreams.

For our 12-hr stay there, we got to enjoy the following:

Note: I have also included my personal rating on each attraction and shows.


A 12-minute 3d show featuring almost all of the Disney characters.




We explored Disney’s classic fairytales in this whimsical garden. Bonus tip: At any time of the day, a Disney character is available just around the corner of this garden for photo op. That time, Tinkerbell rang the bell!


Bro,are you Peter Pan in disguise?


Never will we ever miss the largest indoor attraction of this themed park! I personally give a 10 for this is indeed “the happiest cruise that ever sailed”.

Processed with VSCO with  preset

Whimsically playing at the back of my head.


Definitely one of the best! With this 3d motion stimulator, we soared over the city of Hong Kong with Iron Man to battle the evil forces of Hydra.


Secretly wishing to please bring him to life.


Calling all brave-hearted souls out there! This breathtaking ride in the middle of the Star Wars battle is just right for you! Warning: you might not be able to handle it so a caution stop was placed right before entering the ride itself. But hey! We are there to have fun and it ain’t gonna be that fun without your pounding heart, shaking knees and squealing voices. My first ever roller coaster experience will always be the best because of this.


Written on these walls are the stories that I can’t explain. Literally.

  • MYSTIC MANOR (9/10)

Explore Lord Henry’s manor and his collection of art and antiquities. Mind you, the biggest twists are on this attraction.


Movement is everywhere in here. Just to tell you.


Before going to Disneyland, I read a lot of blogs saying that one of the plays that people do anticipate that much is this. I took that in mind and searched for this throughout the tour. The play is scheduled for public four times a day only.

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The complete cast performing.


The parade of our favorite Disney stars right before the fireworks display.

Processed with VSCO with  preset

Waving out from the sea.

  • “DISNEY IN THE STARS” Fireworks Display (11/10)

Everyone should end the night with a bang! The 12 hr tour might be really draining and tiring. My nerve endings craved for more upon seeing this wondrous view. I even wanted to cry in joyful tears, because of the indescribable feeling that it brought to me.

Processed with VSCO with  preset

You would definitely fall all over again with this scene.

More of our snapshots









My overall experience was a blast. The famous themed park might sound extravagant for many but it is not about that. It is not just about our favorite Disney characters that we get to cross with, nor the nerve-wracking rides. It is not about the mouthwatering foods and drinks nor the eye-catching and colorful infrastructures. Wanna know why it was named as the “happiest place on earth” ? It is about the genuine smiles, the gleaming innocent eyes of those little kids, those excited wandering toes , the heart that everyone wears and all the shared moments from all walks of life that you get to witness; the simple joy that cannot be bought.



One thought on “My Whole Disneyland Experience

  1. Joan Gonzales says:

    I love your outfits in Disneyland. I wanna go back there before my wedding. haha looking forward for more asia trips.


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