Lakawon Island- Hidden Paradise In Negros

Summer might be over but this should not stop you from enjoying Lakawon Island Resorts and Spa‘s fine white sand, crystal-clear beach, pleasantly windy air, evergreen palm trees and everything in this hidden paradise in Negros Occidental!

How to get there?

> From Bacolod City, take a Ceres bus down to Martisan Crossing for more than an hour. Fare : P 105

> From Martisan Crossing, take a motorcycle down to Lakawon Port for about 10 minutes. Fare: P 150 (good for 4)

> At the Lakawon Port, you need to pay the Island Resort’s entrance fee, terminal fee and the 2-way boat ride for P 380. 

>Boat schedule starts at 7:30am to 5:00 pm. So, from Lakawon port, it would take around 15-20 minutes to arrive at the picturesque destination.

And you have arrived!

The resort does not cater cash on hand payments but only with this cash card to which you can also avail at the Lakawon Port.

TIP: Upon getting the card, load it with some extra cash ahead of time to lessen the hassle. Worry not guys, for the unused amount would still be subject for refund by the time you check out.


Lakawon Cash card is reloadable in three stations. (1) Lakawon Port (2) Lakawon Island (3) Taw Hai Floating Bar


The huts, made extra special with its curtains.


Well, woudn’t even like to miss a shot from that area.


Another one, with my sunglasses on. Hi there, Mr. Golden Sun!


And of course, a full body shot.


If you plan to rent a shade, the Cottages there costs P1200 whereas the Umbrella Huts are at P600. Energy outlets are also conveniently installed in each.


The number of cottages made available is obviously due to the increasing number of tourists year by year.


Strolling around the island made that huge smile on me.


When every direction leads you to one thing – paradise.


Life Guard on duty.


Bamboo huts in every corner for those who want to stay the night.



The long ramp along the sea could be your next hot spot for your IG- worthy shots!


Did mine there too.


Swinging like I ain’t on a beach.


Another spot in the island to lay down and rest.


A mini souvenir shop to take home with you the Island experience.

Lakawon Island does not limit itself to wonders of nature. They also offer both land and water activities for us to enjoy like:

UFO– P 2,100/ 15 minutes (good for 6 persons)

BANANA BOAT– P 2,000/ 15 minutes (good for 8 persons)

FLYING FISH– P 2,000/ 15 minutes (good for 8 persons)

SNORKELING– P 150/ 2 hours

MERMAID TAIL– P 350/ 30 minutes

PADDLE BOARD– P 500/ hour

TAW HAI FLOATING BAR– P 285 (no complimentary drink)

Above all the activities and amenities that this island could offer, this floating bar in Lakawon gave its glorious edge among all the other beaches and resorts in the Philippines; it only has the biggest floating bar in Asia just to tell you!


Swear! It is one of the best places to chill and have fun under the sun!


A perfect place for some funshoots as well. Would you agree? Oh yes, you should.

You can actually choose to relax or party in here. For day tour guests, you  may  enjoy it  from 10am-4pm, Monday-Sunday. As  for the overnight  guests, 10am-5pm during Monday-Thurdsday and 10am-8pm on Fridays ’til  Saturdays.


The place even gave me an ‘A-lister’ feels that day.


Holding my breath for about five seconds to achieve that angle.


The ambiance and my feelings were in harmony.


this place = perfect tan


The barrel, placed in purpose as a prop.


Two floors with one purpose – to give relaxation and rejuvenation. Just a  fast  fact,  Taw hai is a local  term in  Negros  which  means  “relaxed”


Choose your color, dear tourist!


I could sleep all day long here while hearing the crashing of waves to my eardrums.

Food and drinks are also available there at an affordable  price. Food rate starts  at P150 and drinks  at  P100.


Buffalo Wings with fries for P190 (marinated with garlic and calamansi, salt and pepper to taste with hot sauce and tomato sauce)


  Fettuccini Carbonara for P190  (nestle cream, carbon bacon, parmesan cheese, cream sauce)


Taw Hai Burger at P180 (ground beef patty, buns, mayonnaise, lettuce, hot sauce, whole egg, hickory, chopped onions and tomato, ketchup, salt and pepper to taste)


Mango shakes at P100


As deep as the sea are my thoughts.


Went like an ad for a travel agency perhaps.

Rating: 10/10

For more details, you may visit their website at or contact them on the following: 0917-555-6979 / 0927-699-8738 / 0917-502-2625 / 433-3259 / 433-396


Until our next trip, Adios!


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