An Untold Short Story of Mine in Tagaytay

A challenge to myself.

Entangled with the routinary events of my everyday life, I have found myself quenching for a new fruit mix from my usual table drinks; driving to get out of my sweet calm character just to fit in the shoes of a lionhearted protagonist whom I have barely known from an old hardbound book.

All these and that are my simple representations of how I badly wanted to get to know me more, to challenge myself and to explore the wide array of human experiences and emotions. To travel on my own would lead me that way perhaps. This I say to myself one night.

Traveling alone for the first time in a place so unfamiliar is bewildering; one moment I’d feel so aggressive to stroll and meet new people yet later on, I’d just feel so lonely to the point that I wouldn’t even like to stand a chance of getting out from the covers of my thick blanket *cue in sad songs!

However, living in that particular moment and accepting the challenge left me nothing but with no choice of retreat. I have to be brave. I have to brave myself to jump out of my comfort- the first step of the challenge.

From Mandaluyong, I rode a jeepney heading to Buendia with my fully-packed backpack placed in my chest, went in a bank to withdraw for some extra cash and later on, came across with a man who happens to go out with his pitbull. I then caught up on a bus heading to Nasugbu, Batangas, sat in the priority seat, got kicked out from there after almost an hour of being seated-  a pregnant woman needs it more than I do and then transferred at the back part of the bus beside a mother and son tandem. Through out this journey, I have heartily carried my one physical companion- mobile phone, my source of direction around the Metro. 

The two and a half hour trip was fun. And look what I have found in Tagaytay! 

































The place was so good for soul-searching. Here are the three things that I have  realized while having this sole time of mine.

1.) You can do anything that your mind can perceive. 

What you plant in your mind will always bear fruits as the result and the energy you give out is the energy you get in. So when you plan to do a thing, be positively dedicated in doing such for what the mind can perceive the body can achieve. Yes, as cliche as it may sound but you can always prove it ’till you say no more. Achieving something may take time for some but the most important thing is: you have to take a stepHuman as we are, we never tend to take the plunge because of the common ends of failure or rejection but you know what? The start is actually the most crucial part of being successful. When you overcome that part, everything follows in a fluid manner and you”ll surely crave for more.

2.) Give time for yourself.

If you love yourself being surrounded with people, you should love yourself even more in your solitary times.  In today’s time, it’s so easy for us to pity ourselves every time we are presented on a situation without having anyone on our side. But dear, you must know that you may have the best flock of people in your company, a lively cheering squad on your side, and around 5,000 virtual friends but at the end of each day, you only got you. So give attention to yourself and appreciate the times that you are alone. The journey to our emotions is a maze. We must learn to make our way through it on our own so we may never get lost. Nourish it with love and independence and you will never view the world and its people the way you did before.

3.) The world is big with a lot of things to try for.

Whenever you fell blue or whenever you feel stagnant in all ways, always think that there are bazillion of things to do and to learn to so you can divert yourself from those self-crushing feelings. You just have to be open to anything and  be brave to whatever the result may be. Before ending this blog post, I will leave you with this favorite pinned post of mine on twitter that asks.

“What would you do if you weren’t afraid?”


I do hope you  get something out of this short story. Thank you for reading! 😊

See you in my next blog post! 

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