The Dessert Museum: A Tour To The Sweetest Place In Manila

Looking for the most instagrammable and the most  delectable way to satisfy your sweet tooth?  I got the answer!

I became aware  about  this 12,000-sq.ft. museum  earlier this year  through  my favorite bloggers on Instagram. The colorful rooms, delectable and almost true to life desserts set as decors and the happy vibe that it gives made me wanted to teleport right away and indulge its sweetness. So to that, I wrote it down on my bucket list and  promised myself to drop by whenever I have  the chance  to  travel to  Manila. And here it  is!


People lining up at the museum’s entrance.

The Dessert Museum which features eight of the most mouth-watering sweets is a 2-hour tour according to the staff that we talked to. Upon entering, you are entitled  with a wristband as your access to their available treats. So be careful of not losing it or else you will  miss half of the  sugar-filled experience.


Wristbands of the day were in blue.



The first room to which you shall enter is the Donut room. Pink sprinkled donuts hanging all the way from the ceiling are so instagram-worthy.


Falling donuts or falling for me? Hahaha never mind.

A good backdrop full of flavorful donuts is also present  on  the  other  side of the room.


1,2,3 Attack!

sa (2)

Posing with my free treat.


These were the choices to choose from.


Imagine yourself being welcomed by thousands of marshmallows or even sleeping in a bed full of these sweet and soft mallows. What a fluffy, squeezy and heart-warming day would that be! The room is rocking so cool with its light blue wall; it made the white mallows pop out more in our eyes and craving appetite.


Probably my favorite facial expression as always.

FYI: Each room in this tour is packed with their cute infographics about your favorite dessert. So this does not only make a fun and sweet tour but an educational tour as well. Kudos to the people behind this concept!


Some important facts about marshmallows painted on the wall.


Isn’t she nice?

Candy Canes

These candy canes are insane! When we entered the room, the towering pastel-colored candy canes that stood on each side of the pathway and its cute little playground made us feel so dreamy. Now we know what it felt like for Hansel and Gretel!


Had a hard time balancing ourselves in that see saw!


Always willing to jump right in to any adventure. Yup, that’s the way she is.


Another factual information from the other side of the room.


Candy Canes in swirls!


Come and fly with us! (Felt like an ad from a local airline perhaps)

Ice Cream

This room is particularly made up of balloons and small plastic colorful balls. While most of the guests swam heartily into the ocean of balls, others enjoyed their free avocado/mango flavored ice cream on a stick.


Kids at heart.


Took a shot randomly.


Do we really have to choose? I mean, they’re all good if you just know.

Bubble Gum

Let’s get clingy like a bubble gum! The bubble gum room is filled with hundreds  of plastic balls placed in a jar. The main highlight of this four-cornered room is their Giant Gum Ball Machine where you can enter in  with  lots  of colorful balloons.


One last pic before she took all the gumballs all by herself.


People taking snaps of their relatives inside the Giant Gum Ball Machine.


A brownie and a cookie for two.

Gummy Bears

Bears do care especially if they are as sugary and as huggable like these life-size gummy bears! These bears offer their colorful  bath tubs for you to rest too! So, you now know who  to call to. 😉


Little fellas before they were eaten.


Relaxing with the Gummy Bears.


The Gummy Bears looked more of a cookie for me on this idea.


A random stranger. Hi!

Cotton Candy 

With these pink cotton candies in the air, you will feel more ecstatic while in the state of cloud nine.  That is exactly how we felt as we  entered this  room.  A tree made up of real cotton candies is also present here. When I say real,  it is totally  real! Just  scan your  wristband in the  counter and you may already pick  the cotton candy on a stick from that tree.


Cotton Candy is up!



Cake Pops

We’re now poppin’ like a cake pop on the last room. The inverted cake pops were so fun to ride on.


How dare am I to sit on a Cake pop!


Talent: Standing in one leg.


Done with the big cake pops, now with the small ones.


At the end of the tour,  a room filled with TDM souvenirs are available at an affordable price. Aside from that, during the tour, the photographers in the museum do take some shots that you may review in this area and pay for a hard copy.


The counter at the museum’s exit.




Affordable pens in relevance to the theme were also on display.


Haven’t gotten enough of the Giant Gum Ball Machine which exactly looks like these.


I actually wanted everything in here. Ugh!


One more shot.

Overall Rating: 10/10

Address: G/F, S Maison Mall, Conrad Hotel Manila, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City

Store Hours: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM.

Ticket price: ₱ 799 for weekdays, and ₱ 899 for weekends.

Hope you had fun with these sweets. ‘Til our next tour, Reader!




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