Bec And Geri’s, Your Next Plant-based Restaurant

In a world where you can be anything and eat everything, others choose to be Vegan or Plant-based consumers.

Plants are known to be high in fiber, minerals and antioxidants so people who have practiced themselves with this diet have definitely improved their lifestyle and health conditions. Not only that, it reduces diseases and cancer risks too that is why, many people are taking the shift. I have interviewed quite a number of them and I am hundred percent sure that whoever they can talk to will be automatically convinced to take the shift too!

The place is instagrammable.
Lovely information you can read in their walls.
And this too!

Bec and Geri’s restaurant is a family business which started with their plant-based Gelatos. But, after being recognized by our few locals in Davao, they decided to expand their business with more plant-based and cruelty-free food offerings from burgers, pastas, cakes, milkteas to frozen goods. They guarantee you that all their ingredients are wisely selected and carefully crafted in line with their mission for the planet, for the animals and for the people.

I have to admit it. That night was my very first time to see their plant-based meat offerings. I have heard about it last two months ago and I am totally amazed. Like, how could this be even possible? But, here it is! You can now eat your favorites from Bacon, Lechon, Sisig and even Shrimp without having to think of that added cholesterol and much added preservatives. And just so you know, these are all price- friendly!

The healthiest beef tapa you could try.
Aside from these, they have gyoza and dumplings too.
Velly roll is in the house! Take this for less than 800.
The packaging comes nicely!

Here’s the complete menu of their Ecoland branch:

These are all available on Foodpanda but if you’re planning to eat in their restaurant itself, you may visit them at Blk 4 Lt 11 Maya St., Ecoland, Davao City from Monday to Saturday at 9am- 7pm. You may also contact them on their Facebook and Instagram page or call them at 0998-597-5339

What we tried that night

Craving for it right now.
It’s their Shawarma Sisig Wrap. And yes, their Sisig is plant-based.

If I were to rate, I’d give this wrap a perfect 10. Because, I didn’t even felt that I was eating solely plants not even with their plant-based Sisig. And for just 110 pesos, it’s already super sulit plus the big serving it has. You are not just full, but full healthy!

Who would believe that their straw is made up of rice and you can eat it too? Sustainability at it’s finest indeed.
You got me thirsty with this close-up!

This is one of their latest offerings, the Milo drink priced at 99 pesos. It do taste like Milo but not the sugary type since it really is plant-based again. I’d give it a rate of 8/10 because I am into super sweets but if you are health-conscious, this one is right for you.

Want to try this combo too at Bec and Geri’s? We’re having a giveaway tomorrow! Visit my Facebook page here:

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