My 5 Well-loved Self-Care Products of 2019

Self care should never be underrated!

I know we got everything planned out on our planners from the long and short term goals that we have for this year. Yet, one should never EVER forget to nurture and protect our greatest investment: our body which materializes everything! So, this year, I have committed to drink more water, cleanse my face thoroughly before going to sleep and use lesser facial products for a breather. Aside from these resolutions, I have decided to carry over with me these 5 well-loved self-care products of mine.

1.) Gluta-C Intense Whitening Body Scrub


Since I have been using the Gluta-C Bar Soap in High school, I then decided to double its effects on my skin by also using its body scrub. I don’t even get a hard time looking for this product whenever I need it since it’s available in every leading drugstores and supermarkets. I use it two times or more in a week.

What it does: It removes dead skin to reveal a smoother and more glowing skin just like any Body Scrub but what I love about this is its mild scent and it somehow lightened my skin compared to my good old days.

2.) Eskinol Pimple Fighting Facial Deep Cleanser


Believe me when I say that I had this time in my life when I almost wouldn’t like to go out from my own room because of my pimples, wore surgical masks everyday at work, decline invites and drown myself in pity; it clearly lowered my self confidence. I tried numerous products that claim to fight pimples from some expensive brands to our local drugstore brands but found no effects. I even consulted a dermatologist for this problem. Just then, I found this budget-friendly cleanser that changed me.

What it does: it removes extra dirt, dries up pimples and lightens pimple scars. I use this every night right before I go to bed.

3.) Vaseline Lip Therapy Rosy Lips


Cracked and dry lips make you look dull and unprepared. Glad that I have bumped into this Lip therapy in a stick last year while on a quick shopping. I use this product anytime of the day from morning, in betweens and before I go to sleep for moisture.

What it does: It keeps our lips soft, smooth, and healthy-looking.

4.) Nature Republic Hand Cream Cotton Baby


Definitely one of my favorite products for 2019! I always carry this in my vanity kit because aside from the benefits that I get, it leaves a fresh child-tickling scent. Handshake-ready for 2020? Of course!

PS. I also love their Cherry Blossom scent.

What it does: It has Shea butter, an ingredient that aids in moisture, elasticity and it protects our hands from the harmful rays of the sun.

5.) Nivea Extra White Serum


And lastly, the Nivea Extra White Serum. Decided to give this a try out of curiosity late last year. And, yes! I love it more than my daily lotion because it’s light, non-sticky and absorbs easily. I use it every night.

What it does: lightens and smoothens the skin.

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