A Visit to SVS Korean Beauty Salon

SVS Korean Beauty Salon is definitely one of my dream salons since I was in high school.

Their feature on a local morning talk show got me in because I personally loved how they have showcased their perms; my love for Korean dramas have also added up to this interest, actually. I even had their name written on my Journal that time to remind me of them. Since then, whenever I am asked as to what Salon I would recommend, my answer would always lead to one, SVS.

Fast forward to this day, going to work, events and meeting people demands us to be always at our best. And the simplest way to look presentable without trying too hard is to have a clean and healthy-looking hair which I clearly didn’t have especially in the last few months; I curl my hair almost everyday, dye it and neglect it as if it’s never important. Here’s a summary of my hair journey: I had it in Balayage last June and Hair Cellophane Treatment last October so it eventually ended up like this last month.


A damaged and dull hair isn’t cool, I swear!

I grew tired of seeing my hair that way so I just tie it on a daily basis. I did avoid curling/flat irons and used hair treatments regularly. For my hair’s higher success rate with this growing issue, I finally had a visit to my dream salon.

That day, they offered me to try out their Botox Rebond to regain its life and Hair wax to protect it from further damage. Look how excited I was for my new hair.


Flashing out my biggest smile.

I was there for like almost five hours. But I was never drowsy; I took videos for my interest in video blogging. If you haven’t watched it, you can check it out on this link: https://www.facebook.com/shannenadotcom/videos/2823877117648151/


Afternoon Tea 🍵

I also had this tea as part of their service. All in all, I loved how they have catered their customers well for the whole time. They were all welcoming, the place was in good ambiance, the machines are great and advanced. And for my hair? Look how great it went!



Channeling my inner hair commercial model.


Another cutie pose. Nah! The photo is just too formal for the caption. See those both hands on my lap?

I so love my new hair! “I feel younger than my age,” is what I could always say from time to time. As seen on the photo, the life, bounce and shine is definitely back! The haircut and the bangs has done its own magic for this youthful glow for real! Thanks to Ms. Hygiene and Ms. Angel! The young high-schooler me was never wrong in choosing SVS as my ideal salon. 🥰


Lovin’ their lights means unlimited selfies.

If you are interested, you can visit them at Gaisano Mall of Davao, 4th flr and at their Quirino Branch fronting Sutherland. Their third branch will also open soon at SM Lanang Premier so keep posted.

Aside from hair, they also offer Nail services. They have a wide array of colors and designs to choose from so be ready!

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