SHANNENA: Best Lifestyle Blog of The Year

How could I ever thank Him for giving me this year?

Countless times when I would bury myself down thinking that I am always cut short from this maze-like track that I have barely even known. But, whenever I reflect on the blessings and the gifts that I haven’t even asked from Him in the first place, I am always reminded that life, is such a wonderful gift to waste on things that matter the least. When all the doors shut and the realm of silence breaks in, leaving me off guard that long pedestal of anxiety, I put on my coat with a pocket full of trust and confidence of the story that He is penning down for me.

As early as December, I was already planning to give out an early year-end blog for my website. Yet, to my surprise, another unexpected blessing rolled out right before my eyes.


My Davao Bloggers’ Society’s Nautical-themed party costume that night was a last-minute idea. Like, I prepared for the whole thing just a day before the party itself! Look how I pulled it off with the limited time and resources that I got!


Photos from The August Portfolio


For my hat, I bought a piece of cartolina, foil, and colored papers on a local bookstore straight from my 8-hr shift and made a Captain-inspired hat (which eventually turned out like the one that Nurses or Flight attendants wear on duty. Nonetheless, I carried it out as if it’s perfect!)

Outfit: I borrowed my colleague’s navy blue blazer, a sexy dark-toned pencil skirt that I got from my grandma 4 years ago and a sleeveless white crop top with only four buttons in front. To emphasize the detail, I sticked on some gold foils, all cut in circle to cover each button.

Shoes: I used my gold glittered shoes for the first time; I have been keeping this pair for almost two years.

Accessories: Dangling earrings, belt, watch. I was all that simple!

The party took place at Home Crest Hotel in Ecoland and as usual, everybody came prepared from their individual outfits, stage design, program flow, food and giveaways; credits to our hardworking officers who have consistently worked for the overall success of the event. It was attended by Davao’s premier bloggers, friends, brand representatives from Cebu Pacific Air, PayMaya, Asus and more.

The party also served us the time to recognize the most outstanding bloggers for the year, hence the Davao Blog Awards. Each category has its own set of nominees, validated and certified by the DBS Board of Trustees to be qualified for the recognition. After that, they open the voting lines to the official members of the organization. I couldn’t recall how many bloggers were officially nominated under the Best Lifestyle Blog category; being nominated itself is a surefire reward on its own already with the fact that each of us have done our best to give life to our niche.

When the announcement for the Best Lifestyle Blog Award came on air, the photos of each nominated blogger was seen on screen with their website at the bottom. My heart was pounding excitedly and every moment gave me a feeling like I am at the climax of a thrilling movie.

And the award goes to….

Shannen Adlaon of!!!!

I couldn’t believe what I just heard that night yet I ran excitedly in front with a few words to say  (I am s-p-e-e-c-h-l-e-s-s) and with my hands shaking like it was my first time to face a crowd. Luckily I was able to maintain my poise and emotions hence the picture below. Haha!

Up to this writing, no other words could ever express the feeling that I have. But, one thing is for sure, I would always look back at this moment with GRATEFULNESS.

When my thoughts are full of anxiety thinking that the other years were already at its best, it just proves me wrong because every single year just gets better. Truly, His works and ways are wondrous and I give all my thanks and praises to Him!

And to the people who have continuously supported me be it in blogging or anything personal, DAGHAN KAAYONG SALAMAT!


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