Cafe Tribu: A New Barkada Place in Cabantian




Smoothly saving my favorites in one table.

I just want to keep on coming back whenever I try to remember the experience that I had here last weekend. ❤️

If you’re looking for a new Barkada place in Cabantian, then, Cafe Tribu is the name! Its budget friendly prices, location and ambiance can attest you that! Me and my friends undeniably enjoyed a good chit-chat there over their savory offerings not to mention our bunch of food selfies with it which I will be showing in this post too. Excited?

Here’s a glimpse of what’s inside:


Casual set-up that day. I also got an instant model.


Menu area on their white brick wall.


Take a look of these cute wall decorations when you drop by there. You’ll surely love it.


1.) Korean Bulgogi Chicken Wings

I love its sweet sauce entirely covering the subject. This set is good for two and is priced at 210 pesos.


2. Creamy Carbonara

This one really deserves a good close-up shot from me. I am no expert in food tasting but this is one of the best tasting Creamy Carbonara that I have tried! Look how they have generously placed the amount of cheese, ham, mushroom and sauce on the well cooked pasta. Try it for 115 pesos.


3.) Spaghetti Bolognese

Same goes with their Spag! Their meat sauce rightly blends with the other ingredients. You can enjoy it with your friends for 105 pesos. 


4.) Ham and Cheese

I love toasted sandwiches so this definitely goes on my list. It also has our favorite French fries as its side too! Get it for 90 pesos!


5.) Java Oreo Berry

Because a good set of meal can’t go without a good Frezee blend. This one has sweet oreo bits and berry syrup that completely complements with each other to produce a kickin’ flavor. It is priced at 85-115 pesos.



Other offerings:

2019_1208_10310500 (1)

Blueberry Cheesecake is in the house!



Going solo with this Muffin.


Triple treat from these Chocolate Crinkles!


Two orders of Mango Graham.


Wintermelon Milk Tea for 75-105 pesos.


Raspberry Tea Cooler for 70-90 pesos.


Street food platter for 125 pesos.


One more shot. Can you see our favorite Kikiam? 😂


Finger lickin’ good.


They also have rice meals! This one goes for 89 pesos.

To enjoy their food offerings at the comfort of your homes, you can now order via Food Panda! Just search Cafe Tribu Cabantian using the app and check out your orders!


Food Panda really loves Cafe Tribu Cabantian. ❤️

See you on our next food trip! ❤️

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