I Fell in Love With Bangkok


1/8 of Bangkok from Baiyoke Sky Hotel.

Travelling to Bangkok, Thailand is one of my most memorable trips so far. I find it like a surprise box. It’s simple and ordinary by its name on the outside, yet when you open it, it unexpectedly surprises you with a plethora of things to offer from food, fashion, entertainment, you name it! ❤️

From Singapore, I flew to Bangkok early in the morning. Traveling alone (for most of the time)  in this country gave me the chance to get to know it more beforehand since I solely own the responsibility of getting through my itinerary. I researched, talked to people, used maps, and stayed observant (not the usual me 😅) for all times unlike when I have my comrade with me. With all the things that I have experienced for this trip, capping it off down to four requires tremendous effort. And finally, after a few days of stretching my brain cells, here it is!

Here are the main reasons why I fell in love with Bangkok:

1. Shopping

Shopping in Bangkok is definitely worth the talk! They may have several towering malls and stores for designer brands yet, the number of markets for cheap wholesale items cannot compare. My most favorite shopping market in Thailand is Chatuchak. I have been thrifty for all my life with the talks of ‘shopping’ but right from the moment I entered the gate, I cannot hold back. I suddenly found myself enjoying, buying and haggling for some worthy finds. I only have the store shots from Iconsiam in this post since I wasn’t able to take pictures at Chatuchak. (Busy bee 🐝)

Must Visit: Chatuchak

Good Finds: Outfit ideas, bags, shoes, makeups, souvenir items, goodies and fashion accessories


Gems and antique accessories💎


Because Thailand is also known for batik designs.


Souvenir shirts for your loved ones. 150 baht isn’t bad but you can find cheaper items at Chatuchak.


Scarfs at IconSiam

2. Food

Irresistible. The variety of food choices on each stall will leave you wanting for more because they usually combine these top four flavors (salty, spicy, sweet, sour) in creating their distinct food identity. Aside from the fact that it is mouthwatering, its affordability is undeniable with prices starting from 20 baht. See how each food colors in these photos stuck my eyes on it. I got these from Asiatique, an open-air mall with a river view and food market.

Must Visit: Khao San Street Food, Asiatique, Iconsiam Floating Market

Must try: Mango Sticky Rice, Coconut Ice cream, Thai Chili Salt seasoned fruits, Pad Thai, Sweet Potato Balls


Are you ready for it? 🎵


Cocunut ice cream with mango is indeed a must try!


Because they also love rice meals. 💜


Saucy chicken, pork and beef on sticks.


I wanted to try a piece of this but the sales lady insist that it’s sold for 8 pieces. Another food for the eyes only- you know how heartbreaking it is for a cheese lover like me.


Their kind of streetfoods.


Shredded corns is always a good thing.


Savory Octopus on sale. Haven’t dared to eat one though.


‘More please’, said my appetite.

3. Temples

The sacred temples, now considered as one of the most visited tourist attractions there, represent the rich culture and unwavering spiritual devotion of Thailand as a Buddhist country. They have a number of temples all around Bangkok but if you wish to see them in one place at the same time, I highly recommend Ancient Siam. It’s a place where the replicas of the most well-known and historical Thai structures are situated in. Plus, with its super wide and countless structures, people tend to disperse from time to time. The ending? you’ll surely get rid of photobombers! I have prepared a separate blog  post for it so keep posted!

Must Visit: Ancient Siam, Wat Arun, Wat Pho, Grand Palace, Ayutthaya


Golden bars behind. The place has strict dress code so I wore this printed white T-shirt to cover up my spaghetti straps.


Could ‘chilling’ be a right word for this?


How picturesque this place is! See?  I own the whole space! 😂


I finally look legit with this Thai costume for 200 Baht at Wat Arun. Sawadeeka! 😊


Felt like a painting for me. An ancient place for a modern woman is like crossing time boundaries.

4. People

Thailand is indeed the ‘Land of Smiles’. Whenever I point my lenses towards them, they genuinely give out their best smiles and greet me in their language. There may be times when we find it hard to communicate because of language barrier, but they always try their hardest to explain things out.  


Inside Iconsiam. Full blog post about their largest shopping mall soon! So, stay tuned!


Stolen shot. Well, is it really? 😅🤣



While most people say that the best place in this world needs to be modernized, full of fun activities and with good internet access, I say, it has to be more than that! It’s with the memories that you make the most out of your stay, the smiles that you have given away to every stranger that you have come across, that little hope that you had after having that nerve-racking feeling of getting lost, and the people that you have inspired with your travel story.

Travelling indeed opened me to some of the greatest life secrets. I hope you did too in this short virtual trip that we had! 😊

See you on my next blog post! ❤️

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