Corgis at Play in Bangkok


Coffee with a Corgi is a greater combo than any other meal.

The busy maze-like streets of Bangkok, its unfamiliarity, and the number of steps that could lead me to this cafe could have held me back to push through it. Imagine? It took me almost an hour to get here; riding the mrt and hiring a cab all by myself ain’t that easy, you know! To add, I do suck at directions even with the help of paper maps and gps…

But then again, when I speak of corgis, who am I to resist their overall cuteness and playfulness?

Corgi in the garden opened their doors to the public earlier this year. I actually had a list of cafes to try on for my whole stay in Bangkok. And since I never get to see Corgis everyday here in Davao, I placed this one on top of my ‘must-do’s in Bangkok’.

The experience? Here’s what I have to say:


For you to enter this place, you need to pay 250 Baht inclusive of a drink. If you want, you may add another 100 Baht for a cake. The place is strategically big that  it can cater  around 70 people. As per observation, there were more tables rather than chairs since customers usually prefer to stay on floor when playing with the corgis. For sanitary purposes, they require the guests to put on disposable plastics for their footwear and to sanitize their hands before interacting with the dogs.


Family tree 😍


Wish I could have this kind of memory album painted directly on the corners of my room.


The cashier area


The Cafe serves light snacks from coffees, ice creams, milkshakes, and cakes. At an affordable price you can already enjoy the treats while waiting for their corgis since they have time schedules for viewing. Aside from that,  they also offer dog treats for our furry friends at 100 Baht.


Choose your dip between Mayo and Cheese.


I love how they have personalized their tissues as well. It’s so souvenir-worthy.


Found something cute around the area. I don’t know what exactly it is but it holds the tissues in place and in tack.


My co-customers.


14 corgis composed of 2 Cardigan Corgis and 12 Pembroke Corgis were present that day. Few of the corgi names that I could remember were Herb, Blossom, Quinn and Porkchop (yes, I am hungry!). They are all allowed to play in the cafe with the customers for 1 hour, this is for them to avoid over exhaustion.


Oh look at how heavenly cute these corgis are!


“Feed me”, says his eyes.


Kinda tired so ama sit under the table.


Always up for some rewards-dog treats it is!


Upside down


Felt “kilig” when I caught this corgi  looking directly on my cam. Hmmm.. I wonder what he is thinking. 🤔


I think he is a bit shy.


Whatcha hiding on the corner huh?



The staff were all friendly. They assist the customers who wants to play with the dogs and even take pictures for you. The simple lady owner of the cafe is even present inside the premises and tries to converse with the customers.


Ain’t gonna leave this place without this type of memory  with them.


What’s with that look? Why do they keep on doing that? 😂


Coz Herb is kinda different.


I’d love to be locked in here with them! Ugh!


One last shot.

The cafe may have been too far from the city center and from my other points of interest (following my itinerary), yet it never left me with regrets. If you are interested in visiting these cute little fellas the next time you visit Bangkok,  here are their viewing time schedules and location:

Time Slots: 
Morning slot — 10.30am (on weekends only)
Noon slot — 12.30pm
Afternoon slot — 2.30pm
Evening slot — 4.30pm

Tue to Fri: 12:30pm- 6pm

Sat and Sun: 10:30am- 6pm

Monday: close

Address: 338/1 Kallapaphruek Road Bang Wa Phasi Charoen, Bangkok 10160, Thailand

See you on my next blog! ❤️

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