2018- My Year of Interests

Leaving 2017 was a bit daunting. It’s like abandoning a pot of gold in search for something more blissful, breaking up a stable relationship in exchange of a newly found love or even jumping out from the comforts of your hotel room for the unknown that is 2018.

I cannot deny these deep-thought ideas because apparently, God has blessed my 2017 with a bunch of wonderful things to celebrate with. From being hired on a good company, making new in and out connections, passing the civil service exam, spending my fun summer with my mom after 2 years, materializing my blog, practicing my photography skills, to dyeing my hair that’s completely out of my league.


Just can’t help but pose with this letter from Civil Service that states I have passed.


Selfie moment with my Ash Grey locks .


First selfie with my dental braces. The pain creeps on my  smile. Does it hurt,  darling? 😅

More to that, I also bought my first camera, tried out gym classes, had my dental braces on, traveled to a nearby local destination via airplane for the first time, spent the holidays on a foreign country with my loved ones, visited my childhood dream, Disneyland and so much more! I actually am still in awe as I write this in my blog. Indeed, it was a year full of new things, experiences and people. Growing up an inch from the old me in all aspects would be an understatement.


First flight to Cebu last August 2017.


The cold did bother me  in Hong Kong, Elsa!


Toy Story area at Hong Kong Disneyland.

While 2017 was a year of beginnings, 2018 did really differ from it. For the whole 365 days, I cycled myself within the never-ending loop of my interests. I love reading. I love drawing. I love painting. I love design and craft-making. I love writing. I love taking photos and videos. I love editing. I love hosting. I love events. I love music. I love traveling. I love arts. And mostly, I love meeting new people!

2018 gave me more friends.

without forgetting the old ones.

Traveled for far places.

(China, Siargao, Baguio, Manila, Subic, Ilocos Sur, Ilocos Norte, Iloilo and Bacolod)

yet home is where I’ll always be at peace.


Happy Birthday, Grandpa!

Pursued what I love.

Loved everything about arts and humanities then found out  that blogging could be my online outlet to express and do what I love.

And fell in love with it more as I share this passion with the premier blogging organization in Davao City, the Davao Bloggers Society (DBS). Knowing that I have this group of people with the same interests as I am made me inspired to do more of what I really love. Oh yeah, I am ending this before I get too emotional. Haha!


My first Christmas Party with DBS.

Worked for quality

Late 2018, I also took part of a great production for our Christmas video presentation. Not only did I became proud of our output itself but also with the people that I have worked with. Surely, one couldn’t make this proudly successful project without the hands of one another.

Another big try.

Joined an audition that lasted for 18 hours STRAIGHT and learned that some things are not meant for me. Maybe not today, tomorrow or the next years. But knowing that I have tried and gave my best, regrets won’t be a thing at night anymore. Will be doing this though while my age permits me to. 2019 Auditions? Bring it on!

Grabbed every chance.

Wrote up an article for the largest bank in the Philippines. My bad, I can’t post it here. But if you happen to read this and you are on the same company as I am working right now, you may refer on our monthly online publication last September. 🙂

2018 was a blessing from above to me. This was the time when I tested the waters and somehow freed myself up from all the judgments that I may receive. By that moment, I came to realize that the only thing that could prevail me from doing the things that I love is the same person who’s preventing me from doing it. When we start to change our ways of thinking and acting to something positive, everything follows. Look for opportunities behind the challenges and work for it.

I may have not completely went out of my shell, yet cracking the egg and seeing the light would always remind me that there is beauty outside of our comfort zones. So my life mantra for 2019 would be :Be free. Be you. Do what you love and live your life!

Lastly,  I have to thank you God for never leaving me in both tough and happy times. Thank you for directing my ways whenever I am lost and re-directing me whenever I am in doubt.

Welcome new year, welcome 2019!

5 thoughts on “2018- My Year of Interests

  1. The Angliongtos says:

    Now ko lang ito nabasa. hahahahaha sorry girl na super busy. I am so glad to meet you in 2018. One of the best leaps of my 2018 was when I got the courage to ask you if you were interested to become a member in DBS. I saw your talent and your potential and my gut was right from the get go! You go girl! To more blogging events with you. DBS is so happy and proud to have you on board. 🙂


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