First Eyebrow Threading and Lash Extensions Experience

Women, all over the world, have continuously sought for infinite ways to beautify and transform themselves. We apply loads of skincare products on our face, visit our go-to salons for our hair treatments, apply itsy bitsy art designs on our nails, and shop for new styles to wear. Oh yeah! This has been our way for the past years from Cleopatra’s Secret Milk bath for her glowing skin to Kylie Jenner’s lip liner collection.

Now on a trendier side, we often hear people nowadays about how incomplete a beauty routine is without  having a shaped, clean and healthy looking eyebrows; thus, bore the cliche ideas of #kilayislife and #kilayonfleek.

There are couple of ways to bring out the fuller potential of our eyebrows and one of which is through threading. I was quite reluctant at first because it’s going to be my first time to thread my eyebrows and most of my friends have shared the same stories about how they almost cried to death in experiencing such. However, I really wanted to give it a try at Browhaus. So, off I went on a Friday night.

My first experience at Browhaus

Classic Threading

First, they examine the shape and explain the status of your eyebrows in front of a mirror. Then, they sanitize and put powder on your brow areas so that they can easily see each eyebrow strand to thread; they also do tweezing for small hairs. After which, they slather a cream which they call ‘ice cream’ to sooth the affected areas. The whole process went for 15-20 mins. This service is available at Php 648.

Before and After


Look how messy my eyebrows were at first but after the quick session, my eyebrows are now in shape; making it easier for me to apply my eyebrow pencil on it everyday.

Lash in Bloom Extension

Aside from their classic threading, they also offered me to try their Lash in Bloom Extensions. These imported and durable lashes stays in bloom for 2- 4 weeks. How lively my eyes were after the 1 hour session!

Before and After


Other services:

Color Tweak- Lighten your brows to soften features or darken them for more definition for Php 998.

Express Lash in Bloom Extension- Cluster of lashes for a 30- minute session for Php 2,750.

Lash Curl Up- Lash curling and volume for Php 2, 200.

Lashgraphy Color- Color your brows with a darker tint for a dramatic flutter for Php 1, 150.

Brow Resurrection- Creates realistic hair strands from root to tip. Full brows is available at Php 42, 800 and lengthening at Php 28, 800.


Thank you, Buds for assisting me for almost 2 hours.


Another customer on the other side.


Branches across nations painted on their glass door.


Full exterior


Come again!

Why I recommend them:

1. Friendly and accommodating staff

The staff are knowledgeable about their work, they answer your queries with whole honesty and they do their job with full gusto.

2. Skillful staff

Browhaus Salon only hires dedicated and skillful therapists trained for months before working on their branches. They have also established their very own Browhaus school facilitated by in-house and international experts for the said training.

3. Less pain for threading

Less pain because they use facial threads which are softer than sewing threads. These threads are patented and exclusive for Browhaus  Salons alone.

For full details about their services, branches and promos, you may visit their website at :

Browhaus Davao Branch is located at 3rd flr, Abreeza Corporate Center, JP Laurel Avenue, Bajada, Davao City and is open from Monday to Sunday at 10am-9pm.

2 thoughts on “First Eyebrow Threading and Lash Extensions Experience

  1. Jody S says:

    For eyebrows and eyelashes, I highly recommend Dermalmd eyelashes serum The first week of using it on my lashes and eyebrows, I could see the difference. I’m going on 3 months now and my eyebrows are completely filled out and my lashes are out of control long. I am super happy!!!


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