Setting Your Dreams Today

“People are capable, at anytime in their lives of doing what they dream of” an old adage from the book that had inspired a lot of people across the globe, The Alchemist.

I know you have that one certain dream instilled within you. The dream that made you believe in each falling star under that starry sky. And the dream that has set you foot from where you are from to where you are today.

As you age, the world, its people and even yourself would insist that you cannot reach it because of some man-made standards . And that is why you hold back that dream, or worst, let it die.

Dear reader, you need to know that this is just a battle between you and your thoughts. With the right set of mind, you can be just the one you wanted to be. And here’s how you can start:

1.) Be specific
Who do you want to be? What do you need in order to attain that goal? Where and how? You have to sketch out a plan. A map would not be that valuable to a traveler without its specific standpoints. You are the traveler, plot your visions and off you go to your journey;
more confident and motivated, to keep the ball rolling.

2.) Make use of your available resources
Do not let the things that you do not have hinder you from enjoying the things that you have. If you have your internet connection and you want to be a singer, upload your videos in the world wide web. If you want to be a photographer and you have your smartphone, then do mobile photography. If you want to put up a small business, start from your hobby and get paid with that. The point here is, whatever it is that you desire, make sure to maximize what you have now and your heart will soulfully find its way towards your dream.

3.) Just do it
The beginning is always the hardest. All you have to do is to push the start button, let go of your inhibitions and do your craft consistently because it is all about momentum! Momentum gives you the drive to doing more. So when you feel it, make the most of it! Remember, success is only for those people who have wanted it bad enough. You want it? Then go do it!

4.) Surround yourself with good people
No man is an island indeed. Everyone needs someone who can help in bringing out the best in them. Surely, you will have to face a lot of setbacks but it never meant that you have to go through all of those alone. With their right amount of support you will come off more confident and motivated, making it enough to keep the ball rolling.

5.) Enjoy and trust the process
No matter how impossible it may seem and how hard it may get, always know that you are doing it right and you are steps ahead from your comfort zone. That is more than an achievement already. Keep it up!


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