18 Things To Remind Yourself This 2018

Your early 20’s will be hard. Your innocence will be exposed to dirty games, heart-pounding pressure, and selfish interests. The transition from a student to an instant adult is never easy. It may feel like you are walking alone through a dark tunnel, never knowing your purpose. You may even think that life is unfair with reality as its harsh professor.

To tell you honestly, it is-Welcome to the real world.

But the world has never totally given up on wonderful things to feel. All you need to do is to flip the coin and see for yourself how these little words of inspiration can change the way life is being seen as.

1.) Live in the present.

Do not let yourself sink in the idea of what tomorrow could bring because you will end up weary and troubled. The Bible even stressed this out through Matthew 6:34 – “Therefore, do not worry about tomorrow. For tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”

2.) Be brave and spontaneous.

The world is big with 7 continents, 7 billion people to meet and thousands of things to enjoy along the way. Never let yourself be trapped in your four-cornered room afraid of stepping out from your comfort zone. Travel, enjoy the steps that you make in the sand, and fall in love with the wrong people. You will never know what this world could offer not until you have the courage to take that one big leap of faith.

3.) Stop thinking about what other people might think of you.

Overthinking limits our potentials, intoxicates our decisions and rusts the formation of our lives in the process. Fact is, people around us seldom do. So be who you are and be with someone whom you wanted to be with. Overwin the battle within you and be free from the cage that you have set for yourself.

4.) It is okay to put your own happiness first.

How can you magnify happiness around you if you yourself can’t find h-a-p-p-i-n-e-s-s itself? Compromising what you want for others will leave you empty. At the end of the day, this is your life and no one’s gonna make it for you but only you. 

5.) Not every friendship is going to last forever.

Life is a journey. And along our way, we meet people who are in search of themselves too. But once their station arrives, they have to leave and sojourn somewhere again. Letting go of these people is never easy so enjoy your time with them while you still can. This is how life is programmed. We lose people as we grow. Accept it.

6.) Take care of yourself.

Not just physically but in all aspects. What you set in your mind and what you have etched in your heart can affect you and your relationships. So be careful of what you feed in yourself.

7.) Let go of the things that hurts you.

Genuine happiness and freedom cannot be claimed not until you stop on weighing so much from your past failed relationships, your losses, your insecurities and fears. Let go of the heavy baggage, breathe in and press the restart button.

8.) Do everything that makes you happy.

Life is too short to be deprived of any opportunity that makes you happy. Doubts and regrets should never be an option. As what Bruno Mars said “We only have one life to live, so you better make the best of it.”

9.) You won’t feel this heartbroken forever.

Ain’t it funny how a certain thing or person can break you down in split seconds of time yet a forever to recover? Feelings do change overtime just like seasons. It may not be today, tomorrow or the next few months and years but you will eventually get through it. I promise.

10.) Stop comparing yourself to others.

Someone else’s success do not determine your failure, and someone else’s stagnation do not determine your success. Your timeline is never the same to others and that’s what make each one of us extra special. Imagine your own dreams, plan it, and chase it. Remind yourself, that the true measurement of success is happiness and peace of mind.

11.) You are never alone as you may feel.

There will be times when you will feel that the world and its people has given up on you. But darling, they have not. Think of your best friend, your co-worker, your family, your pet or even your book. All you need is an open line and a connection. Do not hesitate to be the first one to approach.

12.) Take action.

I have heard people say that “The distance between a dream and a reality is action.” We are given seven days in a week, an everyday to iron things and hours for us to take chances. Do not wait for the perfect time for doing so is a great example of wasting time. If you can start today, then do it. 

13.) You don’t have to have your life all figured out.

You are not alone. Even the most confident and successful people are clueless of what they are doing as well. The future is not ours to predict. Instead, utilize your resources in the present while aiming for what you want in the future. Not figuring out makes our journey more exciting. Let life and its little ways surprise you.

14.) Be kind.

The world badly needs more of this today. A simple smile to a stranger or a short message to a long lost friend can change someone else’s day a lot.

15.) Enjoy the little things.

As little as waking up from the great sunshine reflecting on your windowpane, the smell of burnt butter in the frying pan, the lines in the eyes of your grandma as she laughs over your cracked joke, and the feels that you got after passing your first job interview. The everyday simple things make up the best things in life. It’s priceless.Treasure it.

16.) Be Grateful.

Life is just a matter of perspective. When you think of all the blessings instead of your shortcomings, you will realize how much you are loved by the people around you with the home you are in, the food that you eat and the air that you breathe as you read this. Be grateful and you will end up having more.

17.) Know your worth.

Self worth is the value that you place in yourself. Do not settle for less just because the society demands you to be. You deserve what you think you rightfully deserve.

18.) Never forget to pray.

In times of distress, pray. In times of victories, pray harder. All things should be glorified and honored unto Him.



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