Scope Of Exam for Civil Service

A week ago, I have listed some helpful tips on how you can pass your Civil Service Exam. Right after posting, I received reviews from friends and they suggested if I can list some specific pointers for them to study. The Civil Service Commission (CSC) website and their social media pages provided already the whole scope of exam but in this post, I will specify some more to give you a clearer idea about what the exam is all about.

1 Vocabulary

– synonyms and antonyms
– context clues
– prefixes and suffixes
– spelling
Widen your vocabulary by reading an article with tons of unfamiliar words then take note of it, find its meaning using context clues, open your thesaurus for its synonym , and use it in a sentence.

2 Paragraph organization

In this area, you have to identify the main idea and organize each sub ideas in sequence to make a whole.

3 Reading comprehension

Drawing conclusions out of the given concept. Again, from my previous post, use the skimming and scanning tip to save time.

4 Numerical Reasoning

Reintroduce your basic maths back in high school!
  • – Algebra
  • – Arithmetic
  • – Geometry
  • – Trigonometry

5 Grammar and correct usage


If there’s basic Math, there’s basic English.
  • – Adverbs
  • – Nouns/pronouns
  • – Prepositions
  • – Tenses of verb
  • – Subject-verb agreement
  • – Sentence error

            and more..

6 Logic and Analogy

Identifying, analyzing and understanding the relationship between the set of words,  ideas, and phrases in the given set of words.
    Example:   Duck : Quack::Cow : Moo 

7 RA 6713 or Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials

Familiarize EVERYTHING from Section 1-17.

8 Philippine Constitution

Again, no need to memorize per article! Familiarize yourself with the constitutional rights and the different branches under the Philippine government.

9 Current Events

Have the latest buzz about:

  • – Peace and Human Rights Issues
  • – Environmental Management and Protection

10 Clerical Operations

Data entry, typing and filing.

Example: Arrange the following in order

                         Agapito, Marcus

                        Agapito, Marecus

                        Agapite, Marie

                        Aga, Amarie



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