Are You A Wonder Woman?

Ladies! Are you the clingy? wacky? or the spontaneous type? I bet you will all agree that we can be this and that every other day depending on what we feel and how our partner reacts. Our ideals are subjective and it doesn’t make any other type less, anyway. And gentlemen, feel free to give a laugh for I might have included your girlfriends here!Β  Below are the different types of girlfriends that you have probably met.


The Clingy


She wants you to be with her 24/7. She wants you to accompany her in every little life decision that she makes. She calls you from time to time for updates and she will bombard you with text messages about how her oppa made her day. She might be annoying for some but you need not to worry, for you will have her too as sticky as glue whenever you are in need. Awwe, how sweet?

The Cowgirl


Be ready for a one great spontaneous ride because this girl is up for every little fun experiences that you both can have! Share a cup of fish balls with her on a local park, pop a balloon together while a children’s party is on, go on a road trip without extra pocket money, and take unlimited selfies on a towering infrastructure. You both can talk about everything or do nothing yet you’ll both end up laughing at your bellies.

The Great Spy

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She’s the type of girl that would appear outwardly calm yet transforms into a high profile spy if something unusual caughts her attention. Her suspicions will lead her to secret investigations. And mind you, she will have all the supporting evidences of the mess that you have made. So, don’t ever lie with the great spy or you’ll earn your black eye! Hahaha

The Wacky One


Jokes over here, jokes over there! She finds humor in simple things and would be willing to make fun of herself just to make you laugh. She brightens up the room instantly by the time she enters and you might even caught yourself smiling candidly at her for no reason. She can be tackless, clumsy, moody, shady, lowkey. BUT, she will be one of the hardest to forget, I tell you!

The Classic One


She counts in the traditional ways of showing affection. She is wise, goal oriented and has set her mind in future.It would take a courageous man to break down the walls that she has set for herself. She is a woman of great standards and you will feel honored and special for being chosen out of the sea of applicants.

The Mommanager

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Mommanager will scold you like your mom and demand like your manager when you are out of your target track. In all things, she will be your number one critic. If you get tied up, you can always remind her gently to somehow loosen up the grip. Do not accuse her of over controlling. Remember, those are just her tiny bits of advice that you can either take or leave. At the end of the day, it is you who gets to finalize your decision.

The Hopeless Romantic

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She is the protagonist and you will be her leading man in her own made-up romantic film. Her ideals would include a bouquet of flowers, movie nightouts, candlelight dinners, sincere hand written letters or as simple as star-gazing on a truck’s trunk. Feeling like a fictional character yet? You should. Hahaha

The Conservative

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Everything is into limit whenever you are with her. She is sensitive, she is filtered but it does not mean she’s boring. Surely, you will have a hard time to get to make her comfortable around you. But when she does, you’ll be shock of her other side and you will even thank all the saints above for giving you the gift of patience! For now, respect her stand, gain her trust and she will be forever yours to keep.

The Cheerleader


Feeling tired and demotivated? The cheerleader will pave her way just to make you feel better. Expect her to change your mood in an instant by sending you an inspirational quote, sharing her playlist, singing out of tune and dancing off beat with her imaginary pompoms. The oozing confidence and appeal of this happy pill will surely complete you. So make sure to get a doze of it everyday.

The Rebel


She is independent. She is not afraid to speak her thoughts, to do what she wants, to be with whoever she feels and wherever she dreams to be. Her life quote would always be “YOLO”. This type of girlfriend will give you all the time and space to grow as separate individuals so enjoy it.

The Drama Queen


She complains about everything. From your relationship itself, school works, family and friends but this type of girls are the sweetest. At the end of the day, she smirks and smiles in coy whenever you extend your effort to be with her. After all, who wouldn’t want to have the attention of your loved one?

The Wonder Woman


Smart, pretty, sexy, talented, rich, famous, kind optimistic, understanding and with big dreams. She’s perfect in all aspects. In short, she is everyone’s dream girl! But, she might not exist.

The above mentioned types of girlfriends may be all different but they equally deserve the right to be loved and respected. You have to learn to love a person, help them develop to their best, let go of the negatives and grow together. In that way, she can be your own wonder woman and you too, can be his own Superman. πŸ™‚




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