Everyday Office Hairstyles That Never Go Out Of Style

Who says you can’t become as fashionable as you can be when you are out in town and while working in an office five straight days in a week ? Ladies, play with your hair and show them the kind of woman who never goes out of style with these old yet gold hairstyles!

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Bring out the queen in you and be crown-ready for this classic hairstyle can rock your inner queen-like vibe! Buns show power so if you want to feel confident and professional in an instant, style your hair into a bun. Aside from that, it frees your face from any form of distraction; giving you more edge in showing your strong facial features.

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If you opt to become a princess rather than a queen, this simple hairstyle can do all the difference! Twist the strands from the both sides of your temple, meet both ends at the back and tie it with a rubber band. And, voila! Feel the transformation in just 3 minutes.

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Aside from those simple rubber bands and hair clips, one can also use ribbons to add more femininity.ย  Just a gentle reminder, choose the size of ribbon, the color and the perfect pattern that would fit well in the environment that you are in to. Avoid shocking colors, giant-sized ribbons and over-patterned materials for it can catch too much attention and might cause distraction.


For a mermaid-like vibe, try the waterfall braid! Starting on your left side, complete a one braid sequence then continue the braiding on the other side by adding more strands of hair on it. Finish this style with some curls at the bottom part to add volume.

Processed with VSCOCURLS

For a more outgoing and playful approach, free your hair from anything but with curlsย  at the bottom part. Again, curls should be in moderation to avoid attention.

Processed with VSCOBRAID

On the other hand, if you are having a hard time bringing out your artistic side in the office, then, why not show it through your hair? A number of braid tutorials online are up to be practiced and tried on. So, never make an excuse of not making it as an artist of your own because your hair too, can be a great ticket.

Processed with VSCOSTRAIGHT- CUT

Lastly, to show simplicity and contentment, one can go as simple as straightening their hair with a flat iron. Do not iron your wet hair and never forget to adjust the temperature of the iron from time to time. Take care of your hair for it can take you places too, for sure.

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