What The Fact?!

1) Dumbest thing I did in my entire life probably was watching overnight a Korean drama WITHOUT SUBTITLES. I so love the actor that I just enjoyed watching their facial expressions for three hours.

2) Left the heel of my sandals in the middle of the court while a basketball game was on. When I think of it today, I still get embarrassed. But this time, with a good laugh of course.

3) I was riding on a jeepney with my earphones on; listening to my favorite music. The song did not arose my sleeping soul so I decided to turn the volume to its maximum level, kept my gaze on the window and tried to feel the warm air. After a while, I got awkward because people were already looking at me. JUST THEN, I realized that my earphones were not properly plugged in to my phone. Instant speaker lang bes? I hope they enjoyed the music hahaha

4) Was happily stalking my college crush when I accidentally hit the “Add as friend” button! I went rattling because it remained static and it means I have to restart my phone just to cancel the request!! I almost threw my phone too! Stalk pa more!

Processed with VSCO

Brushing off every little piece of clumsiness

5) I had my surgeries at my left belly making me unable to dance on my Seniors Ball. So, to make it fun, my classmates placed a plastic chair for me to sit in and everyone started dancing around me. That moment made me feel like I am an old billionaire paying for macho dancers to entertain me.

6) Back in college, I went hurriedly on a classroom expecting I was late already. All eyes were on me, only to find out that I was just too early for my next class. A heroic clap for an early bird! Come on! Hahaha

7) When I was young, I believed that a small world exists inside the television set. I wanted to break in just to see my favorite cartoon characters. So every night, when all are asleep, I sneak in the sala and try to open the back part of the television set with all might. And yes. I always go back to bed disappointed.

8) Okay, another jeepney moment. It was traffic when a bus stopped just in time when I paced my sight on it. I saw a lot of guys in their jersey shirts and with whole curiosity, I transferred my eyes at the bus’s bumper. The tarpaulin states that it was Ginebra San Miguel team. So, I looked back at their window pane and saw this good-looking guy, (whom until now I don’t know) with a cap and a grey jacket. He looked at me and mouthed “hi” .In return, I mouthed “hello” and he suddenly burst into laugh! At the back of my mind I was like ” What the heck did I just do? ” That was a ” lupa kainin mo ako” moment. T_T

9) I was eating alone in a food stall on a certain mall when suddenly the security guard started blowing his whistle so hard in a continuous manner. People around went rushing and I was there, feeling trembled because I thought there was a hostage taking. Turned out that it was just a signal that the mall will close. LOL


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