What’s Inside Kumoya Singapore


A quick shot from the outside.

I was lost the whole time in Singapore.

My mobile GPS was not working, was not able to familiarize their maps, merely understood their stations and I WAS ALL ALONE. There on a waiting shed, I sat teary-eyed as I watched the buses pass and the people rush by. I was completely disturbed as I have realized the time that I have wasted for being lost and the schedules that I have missed. To somehow find an outlet to burst, I bombarded my friends on messenger about how badly I wanted to cry out loud for being lost and unable to understand their bus stations and directions. I was in full sweat, my stomach was empty and my mind was defiant. After around 15 minutes and with no hopes of finding a solution online,  I stood up decisive.

To function at my best, I know I needed something.

I am in dire need of food!

Kumoya Singapore is a popular pop-up themed cafe in Singapore. The cafe quarterly changes their theme depending on what’s in. And since I have been eyeing this since last year, I took a cab and directed the driver via Grab app. It’s way easier that way you know!


Even the walls were irresistible.


I know I needed energy so I ordered an iced coffee to keep me awake and some sweet pancakes for sugar rush. Aside from it is so intagrammable, it is delicious too- definitely worth the bucks! I even find it so hilarious because I was snapping on my camera for more than an hour, taking every angle that I could get from the food.


A closer to look this heart-shaped cookie and colorful sprinkles.


How could I even eat you when you are this cute, Snoopy?


You can deny but I know you want it. Really.

My feelings were still at cloud nine. After having the courage to get up and look for some alternatives to make this trip memorable, I found myself smiling already. Looking at the surroundings, the people and the food, I barely can’t believe that I am already here when just a few months back, I was just dreaming of having quick visit in here. Not only my stomach was full but my heart as well.


I love how they have put so much effort to bring our this all-time favorite character into detail.


Snack time it is!


Heavy meals. That one on the lower left corner is so appetizing too .


Sweet drinks you all!


At the counter.


Want one? Buy one!


Oh there you go. If only I could bring you with me here in the Philippines.


Another collectibles. If I were to own these, I wouldn’t even dare to touch and use it. I would place them in a glass stall for viewing and guard it day and night! Hahaha!


Claw machine at the entrance.

The Snoopy pop-up theme started last June 2019 an will end this September 2019.

Hmmm..I wonder what’s next?…

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