The ACES Backstage Concert Experience

The highly anticipated royal-themed concert this year finally made its mark last March 2 at SMX Convention Center; gathering the three of today’s most wanted musical performers in the Philippines: Darren Espanto, Jona and Lani Misalucha.

And you know what made it extra special for me ? I got to have an exclusive backstage access to the concert which enabled me to go in and out of the venue ahead of time, get personal and up close on the performers and roam around within their vicinity area. Yes , I did feel like one of their production staff and I so love the feeling! Here’s a photo of my official ID that  day.


Beyond blessed to have this.

Before the concert started , my eyes wandered off a bit and saw this group of youngsters who had this big-lettered neon green set-up just right in  front of the stage.  They really are a great  backup support to one of the performers. I’m not saying it’s Darren though! hahaha!


He definitely loves you too! I swear!


The girls behind that neon concept.

Our favorite local DJs from MOR entertained us too by playing some games with the audience around 8pm. Few of the lucky fans got to climb up onstage to where their favorite artists will be performing. What a privilege.



The Aces welcomed us in their futuristic metallic silver costume. The opening number is actually a sing and dance performance; a good kick to start the show, I must say. Scroll through to see more of what happened on that unforgettable night.


The Aces welcoming everyone with a bang!


All out sing and dance performance by the Asia’s Nightingale.


Jona, singing her heart out.


Come a bit closer, young lady!


Semi-full shot with the crowd in silhouette.


Tall in yellow.


Such a dramatic sexy pose of hers.

Just a random shot backstage. I actually would love to take a picture of myself in front of that spotlight, but just when I was about to strike a pose, Darren came out of that temporary  wall set-up to do his. And so, I walked away a bit shy then ended up taking a photo of him instead. Hahahah!

On the other hand, the photo right down below was during the most highlighted and my most favorite part of the show.  Can you imagine their powerful voices combined in one just to perform the Phantom of the Opera? I still got the chills so you better hear them too to feel what I exactly felt right at that moment.


Power Trio, indeed!

A short chit-chat before starting out the last set of songs for the night.


I say Red for a burning performance!

All in all, the Aces concert lasted for almost 3hrs with full-applauded performances. Their last leg for  this month will be this March 30, 2019 at Smart Araneta  Coliseum.  Tickets are available via Ticketnet Online.

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