True Love, Based on These Romantic Films

Love is a universal feeling that each and every person feels until profoundly defined by someone or something special. It is the feeling of unfamiliarity despite being familiar, a sudden chaotic outburst of confused and euphoric hormones leading you to an irresistible and inexplicable force.

Even with all the books, articles, and movies that we read or watch, love remains to be a total mystery, something that we will always try to learn, relearn and unlearn, then repeat.

To those who are new in the whimsical sphere of love and are wondering about its depth and flair, I compiled these 5 Romantic Films for you to binge-watch.

La La Land

La La Land was the first movie that I watched alone in the cinema, and believe me when I say that this movie made me want to give my all in love at that time. I love how the protagonists, Sebastian and Mia, depicted a mature relationship from the very start. They enjoyed the company of one another without forgetting about their dreams. It was always about dreams and making their way out in the sea of people with the support of one another. They may not have ended up together, but they acknowledged and appreciated each other’s presence in their journey. Indeed, love is living with what we have now and cherishing every moment while it lasts because we may never know what lies ahead.

Courtesy of Lionsgate

Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor has a star-studded cast, thrilling plot, cheesy lines, and good-looking leads! Love comes around when you least expect it, so you must be ready just like how Rafe and Evelyn started theirs! The two met during a Pilot medical exam and eventually fell head over heels for each other. One day, Rafe was tasked with a special mission and was unable to return. So, after Rafe’s assumed demise, Evelyn found herself falling in love again with her former lover’s bestfriend, Danny. From their sweet aerial ride, dreamy summer escape, and steamy love scene under parachute tents, you’d definitely wish for someone as romantic as Danny. Not to spoil you that much but another conflict will arise leading to this notion: Love understands and forgives.

Courtesy of Touchstone Pictures


Love is all about taking risks at the right time, never late nor too early. This Indian Romantic film, top-billed by no other than Ranbir Kapoor, Ileana D’Cruz, and Priyanka Chopra, is a must-watch if you are looking for a kind of love that’s genuine and enduring. The whirlwind romantic story started with Barfi (Barfi) pursuing Shruti (Ileana). Though they love each other, Ileana was hesitant to put her feet in the relationship and fight for it. By the time she was already ready to take risks in the name of love, Barfi had already moved on and was putting all his effort into Jhilmil (Priyanka). The lesson? Don’t let the fear of “what-ifs” and “could have been” interfere in what you are feeling. Give what you have and love while you can.

Courtesy of Netflix

A Walk to Remember

Love changes people. Nobody knows how powerful and magical this 4-lettered is word until it leaves you to countless nights thinking of that last sent conversation of and your crush. Some even go gaga for their horoscope compatibility or seek advice from dating experts online. It really is hardwork! A Walk to Remember is one of Nicholas Sparks’ movie hits. Though the main leads, Jamie and Landon, didn’t start off so well, they eventually fell for each other in the process of getting to know one another. The rebellious bad boy suddenly changed his ways, synchronizing to Jamie’s with patience, kindness, and respect. It goes to show how far someone could do in the name of love. *Grabs a handful of tissue

Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures


Love knows no boundaries. Who wouldn’t know the famous loveteam of the 90s’ film about the sunken Titanic ship? Jack won a third class ticket to Titanic after a poker game. And this is where he meets Rose, a beautiful young lady from a wealthy family. Despite being in two different social classes, their unexpected romance is living proof that love would always find its way to overcome impossible obstacles and will linger like beautiful scars in our world.

Courtesy of 20th Century Fox

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of someone’s sweet words and caring gestures nowadays, but take some of the classic movies mentioned above to identify the genuine ones. And if you and your date are smoothly sailing on the same boat, stay in love with them by binge-watching your favorites anytime without interruptions via PLDTHome, the Philippines’ best internet provider. Follow them here for more details:




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