A Breathe Into The Woods For Coffee

Escaping from ones daily routine brings us that much needed energy to start anew. Admit it, we all get tired and hopeless out for nothing but just because you wanted a new kick on your usual meal, something that could motivate you to wake up and do work.

While negativity could pop around anytime and anywhere, so do as positivity! For today’s doze of positivity, me and my friends took a faraway trip into the woods. We have gotten too far like literally for this artistic cafe. Nevertheless, it’s all worthy!

The cafe is around 30-minutes from our meeting place. We had it booked at 3pm, timely for that golden hour to strike for good photos- I’m a fan of natural lighting. Another reason why I pushed my friends to visit this cafe is because of their sweet-looking pastries. Look how good are these and tell me who wouldn’t go for these?

To help you decide further on what to take in, here’s the complete menu of their drinks.

Chatting with your friends while sipping your favorite coffee with fully surrounded with walls can be too overrated. So, for someone who’s into skies, trees and chirping birds, their viewing deck is open for visitors too! When we came here, some of it’s areas are still under renovation. Had we thought of spending our meal time here, we could have used our drinks as a prop.

We saw some night shots on Instagram for this place too and I bet you all would want to try it too for that added dramatic feels.

And of course, who wouldn’t miss their museum-like area. This, for me is their most highlighted feature in the cafe. When you set foot here, you’d feel like you would want to start your own art gallery. As what I have observed on the wall paintings, chandeliers and living room set, numbers of artists have contributed to this beautiful place. Great minds, when put all together creates a memorable masterpiece.

Few tips if you are a first time visitor:

  1. Book in advance. Two or three days ahead is highly recommended as it is usually fully-booked.
  2. Be sure to have your personal vehicle or means of transport in going and leaving since it would be really hard to catch a cab, tricycle or jeepneys there.
  3. Expect signal interruptions. I think it’s because of there location. Though I consider it good so you can focus on the place, food and some fun moments there.
  4. The cafe is open everyday from 2:30pm – 8:30pm except on Wednesdays and is strictly for reservations only.
    For it’s specific location and bookings, you may visit here: https://www.instagram.com/woodandcoffeeph/
  5. Of course, never forget to practice social distancing, constant alcohol sanitation and proper wearing of face masks as we are still in the middle of pandemic.

Hope you enjoyed your day with us! See you on the next blog.

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