Shell Raises Awareness Against Recruitment Scammers

Pilipinas Shell warns the public against unscrupulous individuals who have been using their name in falsely recruiting applicants online and then requiring them to pay a significant sum of money for work permits, placement fees, insurance policies and for the purchase of personal protective equipments (PPEs).

Shell has been receiving reports with regards to the alarming number of fake job postings and advertisements online using this fictitious email address : as their official recruitment group.

These fraudulent individuals/organizations instruct the applicant to submit their resumes and to give an amount to cover the cash bond and the cost of PPEs, with the assurance of reimbursement once hired. The scammer then cuts off all means of contact with the applicant upon receipt of the amount.

What to do instead:

  • Do not respond to suspicious emails.
  • Never disclose your financial details to anyone you do not know or on a website you do not trust. Should you have disclosed this information consider reporting the incident to your local law enforcement.
  • Be on the lookout for non-Shell e-mail addresses (e.g. from a address); poor use of English; and requests for money.

Shell constantly reminds everyone that the above-mentioned scheme is in no way connected to them. Recruitment process is done via official channels alone and requires no placement fee.

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