My Healthy Options Journey Starts Today


Believe me.

I eat what I want without looking on its nutritional facts. I use products without considering its health benefits as long as it looks good on me. And I squander my finances on unhealthy choices.

But now that I was able to meet Healthy Options, I suddenly decided to be an educated and a healthy happy shopper.


So excited to shop with this little gift from Healthy Options.


The newly renovated Healthy Options branch in Abreeza is something that I always look forward to right after knowing that they will be re-opening it this month with a wider space and greater selection. The space is well-lit, spacious, has a minimalist interior combined with their cool color schemes. They are now located at the left wing of Abreeza, in front of Starbucks. Check photos below for the exact representation.


I love how the colors are so pleasing to the eyes.


See how wide and organized their interior is.



They also sell books for healthy living.


Photoshoot-worthy area.


One more shot.


The beautiful ladies of Healthy Options.


Shopping around their space really made me feel like I’d want to stay longer there than to any other grocery stores because of their wide array of quality-proven international products and brands. Most of these were actually new to my eyes because you never get to stumble upon these on our common shops and local stores. They are complete from supplements, hair and beauty products, snacks and drinks, as well as books. Here are some of those.


Lipsticks and Blush-ons.


Flavored Chewy Candies.


My cousin’s favorite.


Cleansing Oil.


Organic soap.


I bought one too. 😍


Everybody loves peanuts! 😍


Here are the items that I have bought that day.


Mikaela Cookies– Php 345.00, Barkthins Chocolate– Php 349.00, Sweet Chili Noodle Bowl– Php 295.00, Natnectar Spread– Php 359.00, Sweet Chili Pop Corners– Php 149.00, Kind Bar Chocolate– Php 149.00, Cereal Bran Plus– Php 345.00, Barbara’s Cheese Puff– Php 299.00

I am so excited to try these products and to try more of what’s in store in the coming days. Now,  with Healthy Options by my side, I never have to worry of what I eat nor what I use.

Thank you very much Healthy Options!

Online Video Diary up soon…

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