Suki Desu- And I Mean It


Looking for affordable and delicious Japanese dishes in Davao can be quite easy today because of our booming intercultural food businesses. But if you could have something that’s affordable, delicious and memorable at the same time, I recommend, Sukidesu. 

Suki desu which means ‘I like it’ is definitely one of the many Asian Restaurants that I would like to come back for more after having it tried. I had my first time here when me and my close friends decided to celebrate mini ‘get together’ earlier this year. And just this month with my blogger friends, after our long trip from Toril. And as what I have observed, nothing has changed except for the fact that the customer lines are now longer, and I have loved their food even better.


I’m addicted to you, Maki.


The closer I get to touching youuuu..

Personal Favorites

I am always on the look-out from attaching my self to persons, things, and happenings especially on the first try. But when it comes to food and Sukidesu, I can be on my most delicate persona. Here are my personal favorites:

Digong Maki – P105                                                                                                                                Spicy Ramen – P105
Chicken Katsu Curry – P89
Squid Katsu Curry – P89
Pork Katsu Curry – P89                                                                                                                Cheesy Tempura – P55

If you ever wonder why I have placed their three Curry offerings on my top favorites, well that speaks volume! I am really into Curry and I love them all! When everything gets hot and spicy, I candidly get a bite of their Cheesy Tempura, another must-try. It’s not on their menu but you can request on this special dish. Aside from those, they also offer:

Kani Salad – P59
Pork Katsudon – P79
Chicken Karaage – P55
Tonkotsu Bento – P145                                                                                                                      Kani Tempura – P89
Seafood Chowder -P55
Okonomiyaki – P55
Gyudon – P89

They have a lot of Japanese food choices on their menu. The above-mentioned are just some of what I am kind of familiar.


I love Curry! (Including Stephen. HAHAHA! SHHH.)


Pork Katsu Curry at 89 pesos


Spicy Ramen sold at 105 pesos.


I love everything that’s spicy and flavorful so I am posing with this Spicy Ramen.

Branches and store schedules in case you would like to try.

Obrero Branch
Palma Gil st., Obrero Davao City. Near Bajada Convenience store, in front of Alcatraz
11:00am to 2:00pm & 5:00pm to 12:00mn daily

Aurora Branch
Aurora st., Davao City. Near Roxas Ave. at the back of Paterno’s
5:00pm to 12:00mn daily

Tagum Branch                                                                                                                             Lapu-lapu St., Magugpo Poblacion, Tagum City (In front of PhilHealth Office)                       11:00am to 2:00pm & 5:00pm to 9:00pm daily

Cagayan de Oro Branch will open soon so keep posted!


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