One Fine Weekend With the Gals


This post is nothing but full of cheesiness and clinginess. So, if you cannot handle the mild to extreme melodramatic drive that it may cause, better put on your protective gears and remind yourself to handle it. Haha! That leaves you with nothing but this “choice”. Kidding aside, this will be short and quick yet this is one of the many write-ups that I enjoyed writing.

So then, allow me to start.

Can we all just have this one single moment where we can freely and creatively imagine how fun and worry-free it is to spend our weekends with our close friends? I know you have a lot in mind. It may be a spontaneous road trip out in wilderness, camping out with a bonfire and playing your favorite hits on an acoustic guitar, a mini get-together on a well-known local bar with all your favorite drinks or a simple pajama party while you spread all your happy hormones talking about your secret crushes, perhaps?

It all sounds perfect, right? (Uhm. Not until you put that into reality, kid!)

Just like any other group of friends that we have, me and my college barkada rarely meet each other nowadays because of our hectic schedules and escalating priorities-sadly, this is how adult life goes for e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e. We plan our schedules, create activities, play with our thoughts, and excite ourselves just so we can catch up with one another.

And guess what? Four out of eight went out of their ways that day. Scroll through to see how we have spent it away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


Relaxing every bit of our nerves under the starry night sky and the city lights down below.

We had an intimate Jacuzzi session. What made it extra special is that we were able to do it on top of a hill which literally gave us the chance to watch the city lights up above for an hour. The stars, the weather and all our thoughts were in unison that night. We actually did nothing but chill and talk about our current flights. The connecting lines were now tighter than ever before. Aren’t they?

Right after the short session, we washed ourselves, settled down to our room and played some films while snacking out with our favorite chips and crisps. My bad I was not able to take some photos that time because we were too busy in creating memories. Hahaha! We stayed awake ’til midnight and woke up with a ball of sunshine directly reflected on our visuals. Here’s what we got after our long baths, make-up advises, and site seeing.


Mind to have a seat? We had these cozy chairs for our tired and wandering heart. Eh? πŸ˜‚


Daylight view of the Jacuzzi area.


The sound of seashells on my ears made our hearts calm.


Breakfast for four.


Photographic memory exist on this particular photo.

Heavy meals have been eaten and short rests were taken. Now, we are all ready for our most awaited part. Do I need to mention it? We have countless photos to present, (in every corner and in every angle!). I will be sharing a few in here. But first, let us take a selfie. πŸ˜‚

The wacky me plays so well for every group photo collection that I have. Yep, that’s me for always especially when its for selfies! Deal with it!


You could really tell that she’s ready for more photos.


That glossy long hair though 😍


Timer, set! Then, project!


Another one!


Will you please tell me what my eyes tell you?


Can’t think of any pose so go and click as much as you want. I ain’t gonna stop you. πŸ˜‚


“Deep breath and release your emotions”, I said to her.


And it was all yellow for this portrait.


What do you think?


Getting all the feels on this photo. Have you?


Put *my hand in my shoulderrr…. 🎡


Okay. That was a so-so joke.

After the 2-hr photo takes, we immediately went back to our room, played some feel good music, sorted, edited our photos for postings and watched another RomCom movie.

The day was all simple; nothing grand and extravagant but it was something worth of 512Gb memory that we can always pause and replay in this lifetime.

Always grateful for these few people whom I can count on. Love you, Gals!

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