Lighting Hope for the Children of Tomorrow


We all know how Dr. Jose Rizal placed an overwhelming amount of significance to our Filipino youth being the hope of our nation, right? For him, with the proper education that they deserve, we can then count on them in shaping the future of our generation.

In a recently concluded beauty pageant, Ms. Universe 2018, Catriona Gray also bested all other candidates with one of her profounding advocacies about children. In her remarkable statement, “Working in some of the poorest areas of my country, I found that it was a lack of child support not poverty that killed their dreams,” Gray said.

Reading these thoughts from two of the most influential people of today led me to ask myself: What small gesture can I also impose as a role for our future generation? Will that small gesture be of great impact to those who are affected particularly to the children of today? And would that be enough to light them a hope for their future and their dreams?

Last November 17, I decided to partake on Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (CBTL)’s 2019 Giving Journal Launching. Part of their launching this year is to live generously and spread the warmth of this season by visiting some of the areas in our community that needs special attention. The event was conducted at the Hope for the Nations Philippines,  an organization that fights against lack of education and nutrition by implementing HOPE programs such as:

  • Hope Rising- a teaching and mentoring program centered around a nutritious breakfast in public schools.
  • Kids of Hope- fostering good nutrition, good health and good habits based out of the Hope House in Davao.
  • Micro & Social Enterprises-creating sustainable future for families in extreme poverty.
  • Hope Gardens & Farms- growing organic produce and moringa for the benefit of children at risk and project sustainability.

Full details here:

On that very day, we had our Polymer clay molding activity. Aside from CBTL’s mission, it was also a day for us to help the children in unleashing their creativity and practicing their listening skills.


The whole venue with some local volunteers and CBTL representatives.

I was assigned to accompany Angelyn, a smart and enthusiastic 11- year old girl living just around Agdao, Davao City. While doing our activity, I got to ask her some personal questions.


Her smile as she excitedly opened the box to start the activity.

She was the eldest of three. Her parents do not earn that much yet she manages to study and do good in a nearby public school. Life is simple for her and just like any other kid at her age, spending some quality time with her family is all that matters. Everytime she finishes an assigned task, she would always tell me how grateful she was to be in the event and how delighted her parents would be with her output. She was attentive, inquisitive and thoughtful at the same time and all I can see from those innocent eyes were genuine; something that  is tantamount to what I call “hope”.


Aside from the fun activity, the kids also got to try CBTL’s famous pasta. Look how each of their smiles brighten up the room while they enjoy their sumptuous meal.


Smile and don’t be shy, Glemier!


Call it candid!


1,2,3, snap!

Seeing these kids wearing their smiles were precious. We can never tell how this simple event will affect them in one way or another but one thing is for sure: our guidance, support and empowerment is an important ingredient in building their values, character, dreams and to who they will be in the futureWhen all we have is time, talent and treasure, one can always choose to share and do it with a heart for this shall serve as an inspiration that can sail a long way for generations. We also hold the same amount of responsibility in here; together, we shall walk with them! That way, we can light that hope for the children of tomorrow. 

The launching of 2019 Giving  Journal also celebrated the spirit of this season by visiting  the Home for the Aged, Home for the Indigenous and Home for the Abandoned Animals. Check out their website at to know more about how well CBTL has been doing to its mission of living generously to our community for years. 

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