11 Tips To Help You Pass Your Civil Service Exam

The preparation for the great battle has begun exactly right after you have filed your application. And I am pretty sure that you wouldn’t want to be in panic when you get to look at your calendar now that it is nearly fast approaching. So to keep you away from that heartbreaking scenario, I have listed below some of the sure-fire ways to pass the exam. Ready? Okay, keep scrolling.


1 Review your high school notes! The exam is basic in its complicated form. What I mean here is you have to learn the basics to answer a complicated question. (Example: PEMDAS rule, ratio and proportion, percentage, Algebra etc.)

2 Always read. The test needs a lot of comprehension and by reading, you get to practice it. Lose yourself in the sea of reading materials. The library, the world wide web or even your old used books at home can do you so much favor .

3 Download online applications. Now, if you’re a little techie and you can’t get enough of your phone, you can download some insightful apps available on Playstore or Itunes. As for me, I used Zookal and Vocabulary Builder. *Added bonus because I can have my favorite songs on play! Who says you can’t enjoy while reviewing?

4 Borrow reviewers from colleagues. A lot of my friends do ask if the questions in the  reviewers are just the same to the ones that pop out during exams. Well, definitely NO. These materials are purely produced for us to get to know the different types of exam. But trust me, it really helps.

5 Prepare the things to be needed. (Pens, your valid IDs, proof of receipt and so on.) Also, make sure that you have already visited your designated room so you can come early.


6 Bring with you some brain inducing snacks. The test lasts for about 3 hours and 10 minutes and I cannot deny the fact that there were times when I almost fell asleep. So to keep you away from that, chunk in some dark chocolates or sweetened peanuts. Our happy hormones will surely have a great time celebrating!

7 Keep it clean. Don’t fold your answer sheets nor make any unnecessary marks for the machine might withdraw it. And the golden rule in every exam? Always follow the given instructions.

8 Scanning and skimming is the best! The exam is composed of 170 items and you could not finish it on time if you have to read and reread everything that is written on the test booklet. You can definitely manage to have a good glimpse of what the story is all about by it, I tell you guys!

9 Manage your time efficiently. Don’t stay on one question, your time is limited so don’t let yourself  get stuck on a difficult item. If you want, you can set your wristwatches in advance so you can have a little more time to trace them back when the time nearly ticks up.

10 Relax. When your mind is preoccupied, you tend to forget every detail and lose your focus.

11 And lastly, PRAY. Trust that you have everything prepared for you to pass the test and let Him do the rest!

Now that I have given you some helpful tips, buckle up and never fail to prepare. Surely, passing the said exam would be a great add-up of yours in this competitive market of professionals. So, Best of luck, buddy!


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