Little me in this big, big world!


1) I got my name from Shannen Doherty of Beverly Hills 50210. My parents love to watch foreign films and series; that’s their favorite pastime as young sweet lovers.

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First birthday

2) Main reason why I wanted to start my studies at 4 is because I want to be a “kandidata” representing my school. And yes, I did it. Twice.


My golden yellow gown looks just like Belle’s.

3) My parents have always told me that I love to sing Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On”. They even recorded it on a tape. Honestly, I haven’t heard it until now because we lost the tape by the time I wanted to play it on a cassette.

4) Got a dark skinned doll from my aunt in Japan and named it “Sussie Negra”. And when my friend accidentally broke her, we held her a funeral.

5) Influenced by the cartoons that I get to see on tv, my parents made me believe that tooth fairies really do exist. And that is why, every time I broke a tooth, I put it under my pillow and in return, I get 5 pesos. Still, believing that it was from a tooth fairy.

6.) Greatest collection aside from dolls were my dangling earrings. I’m a little fashionista “wannabe” back then. Hahahaha

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Who’s your Valentino, Cutie?

7) Crowned as Little Miss Escoda at the age of 9. The ramp portion was kinda awkward because I also had to wave like a beauty queen in the midst of a large cheering crowd.

8) Started running positions for student bodies at Grade 5 up until college. I do enjoy the perks of being a student leader where you can easily pose an inspiration to others and achieve so much more with the opportunities offered around you.

9) Unlike any other kids who were so fond of playing games on the internet, I was more interested with Yahoo chat, talking with different people from the different parts of the world was my way of practicing my conversation skills. And I was 10 years old that time.

10) Led the daily exercise every after flag ceremony for the whole school year back in Grade 6. Guess I was way more health conscious back then! Hahaha

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Just woke up! Hahaha


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Conquering stage fright with my Valedictory speech.

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Candidly perfect in our innocent eyes.


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