Fashion Pieces That I Currently Love

When I think of my go-to outfits back them, I would always choose outfits with simple pastel colors and feminine and sweet vibes. Later in life, I decided to move away from the concept and tried out nude colors with some added sultry fit which then showed my alter ego. For the last quarter of this year, I then shifted again to something old-school and comfy. Check it all out by scrolling down!

Crop Top

I have never been confident about wearing crop tops because of my bloated tummy and uneven skin tone, but, not until I tried it on this day. What I love about this piece is that it makes you look sexy and tinier than your usual built by showing a bit of your waist. Of course, a sprinkle of confidence adds magic to your overall aura too! So then, I am planning to invest in some additional casual crop tops for my wardrobe next year!

High-waisted Bootleg Jeans

I was inspired by my favorite Thai influencers to wear this, and since then, I have found this piece aesthetically overwhelming! It gives me some retro vibes, plus it adds illusionary height because of its cut– not to mention, you can wear higher platform sandals or heels looking effortlessly polished and in-style.

Colored Denim Jacket

I got rid of my traditional blue-colored denim jacket and wore this instead! I found this piece in a local mall, and it has a variety of colors to choose from. This time, I chose brown because it’s way easier to pair with other colors. Other than that, Brown looks elegant and timeless.

Two-Strap Heels

I’m lovin’ this pair of sexy two-strap heels, again from a local mall here. Any basic-looking outfit can be surprisingly fashionable in the streets with this.

The way you dress and present yourself is your personal statement to the world. For some, they simply consider fashion as their canvas to express, whilst others choose to rock the runaway with their favored pieces. Whichever way you choose, always put comfort on top and follow dress codes.

To keep me updated with the current fashion trends, I make sure to have a stable internet connection from PLDTHome, the Philippines’ fastest broadband. For promos and discounts, make sure to follow them on the following accounts:




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