Websites and Social Media Accounts That I Follow for Inspiration

Was there a time in your life where you could easily take the plunge, dance awkwardly all of a sudden from an old school music and give out your warmest smile to a stranger? Overflowed with joy and dazzled by the brightest ray of sunshine might have been on your thoughts that time. But, on the following day, a sudden change takes place; you avoid people, get easily irritated and you won’t even attempt to taste your favorite chocolate cake sitting in front of you just because you felt fully drained to do so. I, myself have experienced such for a couple of times already in this lifetime and I bet you already have too! Some experience this for a day but it’s never the same for others as they adamantly negate the idea of this unexpected twist in their lives.

Trying  to  look  back  on one  of  my favorite past times since I was young, I have realized that I have this  thing for  “self-help” reads. I actually didn’t know  about  this term before. Nevertheless, I kept ending up reading the same type of leaves be it in our local bookstores or online.  So, what do I love about it? Well, I basically rely on it for wisdom, motivation and inspiration. God knows that I  really find it hard to share my innermost thoughts to anyone even up to this day; I’m afraid of getting vulnerable. Thus, whenever my time permits to, I always and would always go to self-help books.

Here are few of my most followed accounts, pages and websites.


For instant touch ups and artwork inspirations that could help me ponder about everything but nice; you’ll definitely love the transition with them!

1.) @selfcareisforeveryone (Instagram)

This Instagram account shares various short inspirational statements from a number of artists worldwide reminding you to love thy self and believe in thy potentials.


2.) @revelatori (Instagram)

Because life, people and its ways can be easy as 1,2,3 with @revelatori.

revelatori 1

2.) The Artidote (Facebook)

If you’re into art, poems, metaphors and short stories I guarantee, this page will awaken the superb artist within you.

the artidote


Whenever I seek for advice and answers to an interminable, bothering question about life, love, career and family, I would always read and watch the following online.

P.S I never leave disappointed.

3.) Bianca Gonzales (Youtube)

Back  in college, I bought  a  book  from the TV host/actress/author, Ms. Bianca Gonzales entitled, “Paano nga ba ito?”. After finishing the book, I immediately subscribed to her Youtube channel for more.

bianca g

4.) (Website)

Google would always direct me to this website whenever I type in my biggest life questions. Now you know what keeps bothering me. Haha!


5.) (Website)

One of my go-to websites for beauty and fashion. Aside from that, they also tackle topics related to becoming an independent woman living with great values and inspiring others. You all can consider this as your online sister!



Because above all these, I rely much of my trust and praise to Him alone.

6.) The Letterer (Facebook)

This page reminds me of His words and promises in a very cute manner. Just for a fact, I got two of my phone wallpapers from here. Thank you, The Letterer!


7.) Jesus Calling by Sarah Young (Facebook)

I have gotten familiar with this page because of Pia Wurtzbach who actually read the book. This daily devotional piece was the one that she has been constantly reading before winning the Ms. Universe crown back in 2015.


8.) (Website)

The very first devotional blog that I have my whole heart attached on it. See and read it for yourself to know why.



Conversely speaking, I sometimes read about horoscopes as a guide to my feelings. 

9.) @scorpioMystique (Twitter)

I have been following this account since I was in college and up to this day, I still enjoy reading all the energy that this account gives to me.                                                                      Do you believe in destiny?                                                                                                                    Do you believe in luck?



Aside from Astrology, Philosophy also do exists. No arguments between these two forces, please!

10.) Lavendaire (Youtube)

She’s so poised and calm in her videos that it soothes all my worries. Healing prayers for everyone! 😂


11.) The Law of Attraction (Facebook)

The famous law that I absolutely believe in! I know you’re all familiar with this!



Unleash your creative side while on quarantine! Here are two of my favorite Youtubers when it comes to editing and content making.

12.) Linh Truong (Youtube)

Her stories never tire me. She’s talented, smart, free-spirited and funny. I love how she gives a taste of her personality in every content that she posts- awweee makes me wanna hug her tight!


13.) Hannah Kathleen (Youtube)

Another Youtuber that I am so proud to have in my favorites. A great minimalist yet aesthetic film maker in the making; she definitely delivers an on point and full of wisdom type of conversation with her audience. I highly recommend her!

hannah kath


Having a healthy emotional and spiritual state ain’t enough so let’s all have fun at home and do physical workouts with her too to complete the package!

14.) Chloe Ting (Youtube)

Yey to my latest addition, Chloe Ting! If your looking for someone to turn your healthy habits into a reality, you should check her out!


These are some of my favorite websites and social media accounts that I follow for inspiration. How about you?

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